All Mozart chocolate liqueurs share one thing in common: they are manufactured from natural raw ingredients, which everyone knows and virtually everyone likes. Cocoa, sugar and vanilla are the basic ingredients in a complex process, in which many hands still play a vital role. The production process revolves around the cold maceration of cocoa and vanilla. Time, experience and passion are the most important ingredients here, in order to achieve the consistent quality of liqueur and distillate. Their unique flavour is the direct result of the precise processing temperatures used for working the ingredients and the elaborate blending processes.

Once the raw materials have been delivered, they embark on a long journey involving many different processing steps and quality checks, until they finally emerge in a wrapped bottle, ready for consumption. A series of internationally recognised awards is testimony to the success of this journey.

Available in Pure Black; the rich and decadent dark chocolate, Gold; The creamy, smooth milk chocolate, White;Sweet and delicious white chocolate and Rose; An exquisite blend of milk chocolate and Kirsch. Whatever your mood, the is a Mozart chocolate cream for you.