Japanese Whisky

Japanese Whisky

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Japanese whisky is closely linked to Scotch whisky over any other kind. With our wide range of Yamazaki, Hibiki, Nikka, Suntory, Hakusuhu and other distilleries, we're sure you'll find something to enjoy.

The Japanese have made a conscious effort to produce whisky similarly to that of the Scotch whisky. There are two main types of whisky that is produced in Japan - single malt and more commonly blended. The demand for blended whisky has been so high and this is seen as the key factor that drives the diversity of Scotch malt distilleries.

However unlike Scotch whiskies, generally brands own the distilleries. In turn they reluctantly trade with their competitors meaning blended whiskies only contain malt whisky produced by companies who own both the distillery and the brand. Well-known brands of Japanese whisky are Suntory and Nikka.

Fact: Some Japanese single malts have scored higher than Scotch single malt in blind tastings carried out by Whisky Magazine.