In 2007, two friends decided they were bored of the industrially brewed beers available on the market, so decided to brew their own. This simple conclusion gave birth to Brewdog.  Young but eager, they acquired a building in Fraserburgh, Scotland and with the help of some scary bank loans set about brewing some true, hardcore beers. The first few batches were brewed and bottled by hand, before being packed into their little van and sold at local markets.  Within a year, the company had nine people and were causing interest as they brewed the UK's strongest ever beer, the Brewdog Tokyo. By the end of 2008, Brewdog became Scotland largest Independent brewery. The boys were making waves! 2009 and Brewdog became the UK's fastest growing alternative beer brand, and Punk IPA reigned supreme as the top selling IPA in Scandinavia. Brewdog have continued to go from strength to strength, with 358 employees within the company in 2014. With a popular range of craft beers, those two young boys didn't do badly, considering it all started with a desire for better tasting beer.

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