Casillero del Diablo Wines

Casillero Del Diablo is the most recognised Chilean wine brand in the world and owned by Concha Y Toro which was founded by Don Merlchor and is the ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’, wining the title two years in a row in 2011/12. It was in 1871, when Casillero Del Diablo wasn’t even created, that Don Merlchor created the rumour that the devil lived in his wine cellar. He created this rumour in order to scare off strangers from stealing his premium wine from his cellar; he even went to the extent of paying a farmer to help spread the rumour just to protect his premium wines. The wine cellar that held the premium wine is the same wine that we now call Casillero Del Diablo. It wasn’t until around 1960’s that the brand Casillero Del Diablo was created, and straight away it was a hit in Chile. By 1963 the brand already started shipping wines to Europe to expand the range.  After many years of enjoying Casillero Del Diablo it was time to expand the brand into new countries, which meant a re-design of the bottle, and in 1994 each bottle of Casillero Del Diablo featured a red ribbon with a logo of the devil on it. By 2001 sales were continually rising and Casillero created a new advertising campaign that changed the way the wine industry publicises itself. So once again Casillero done something different and daring that paid off brilliantly because in 2002 Casillero was being sold in over 100 countries world wide making it the most recognised wine to come out of Chile. The logo of the devil that was on a red ribbon of every bottle, was changed and instead, the logo is now engraved on each bottle of Casillero as the devil still looks over each bottle of his wine. In 2004 Casillero was voted ‘The Best Valued Wine’ in its category worldwide by decanter magazine. This gave it even more publicity and by 2010/11 Casillero sealed a deal to become the official wine of Manchester United, fitting seeing as Casillero Del Diablo is guarded by the devil and Manchester United are named the red devils. During early 2012, Casillero got Manchester united Super Stars, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra to star in a new advert promoting the newest devil in Manchester, Casillero Del Diablo.

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