Jose Ortigüela founded a small winery in Rioja in 1959.

Its name came as a reminder of the land in "El Villar de Arnedo" where he had spent his childhood: the "Campo Viejo". Jose's dream, which the company share today, was to create quality Rioja that is perfect for enjoying with friends. In 1961 they launched the 'Rioja bottle', which would become synonymous with Rioja wines in the years to come. Campo Viejo showed more faith in this icon than most other Rioja wineries, using it until the 1990s.

In 1971 they began bottling our wine and distributing it in stores throughout Spain to make wine more accessible. As a result, Campo Viejo became so popular that you could order 'un campito' in any bar during the '70s and you'd be served a glass of Campo Viejo.In 1973, a simple idea allowed the winery to store their bottles lying down in boxes - a system that ensures maximum quality for the consumer by preventing any possible oxidation as the wine is in constant contact with the cork. This simple innovation made Campo Viejo the first brand to continue the aging process until the moment of consumption.

After establishing themselves as the leading Rioja brand, Camp Viejo began to gain recognition at the most important fairs worldwide. Their first big award was a gold medal in Vinexpo for the Gran Reserva 1978, which helped to put Rioja wines on the map. With a new winery unveiled in 2003,Camp Viejo have continued to produce their award winning wines to this very day.


Campo Viejo believes in a life more vibrant and colourful.
Blending traditional and progressive winemaking methods, our wines express the
vibrancy and colour of modern-day Spain.

Our wines are the reflection of the heritage, history and curiosity that drive us each day. The pasión that we put into each bottle, capable of making something simply, extraordinary.



Mix 100ml Campo Viejo Blanco, 80ml elderflower tonic, 10ml lemon juice and ice into a highball glass and stir. Garnish with lemon peel or white flower.

Mix 400ml Campo Viejo Tempranillo, 240ml orange juice, 60ml sugar syrup, frozen cranberries and ice in a carafe. Pour into a glass and garnish with cinnamon powder and a strawberry heart.

Mix 120ml Campo Viejo Rose, 60ml ginger ale, 5ml rose syrup and ice to a cold flute. Garnish with raspberries and pomegranate seeds.