Flavoured Vodka

Flavoured Vodka

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Whether you are looking for your favourite flavour or something a little different, our huge selection of flavoured Vodka has something you'll enjoy.

Many Vodka distillers produce a wide range of flavoured Vodkas, which has traditionally been popular in Poland and Russia, but the demand worldwide is growing rapidly. Although many Vodka drinkers still prefer to make their own homemade version, thus is the versatility of vodka. Interestingly enough even bacon flavoured is available on the market.

The most popular brands to produce flavoured vodkas include Grey Goose, Stolichnaya, Absolut, Smirnoff, 42 Below, Finlandia and Belvedere all  producing  a wide range of flavoured vodkas. Flavours are predominantly fruit oriented with lemon leading the way, although there are several flavoured vodkas infused with honey, horseradish, mint, chilli-pepper, chocolate and even bacon...