In 1985, the master distiller of Cointreau travelled to Brazil to find a specific variety of oranges for a new recipe. During his trip, he discovered a surprising fruit: the maracuja, or passionfruit. The fruit's distinctive, exceptional flavours enthralled him. When he returned to France, he decided to take inspiration from the best that Brazil has to offer to Passoã, the unique passionfruit liqueur made with a passionfruit juice from Brazil.

For thirty years now, this original recipe has been in a class of its own, with its fruity flavours, flamboyant colour and tropical origins. Its deep black bottle is just as legendary and mysterious, reflecting the spirit of Brazilian nights with flair.

Passoã was quickly adopted by those who like to go out & share good moments with friends, and it has become the key ingredient of a number of delicious cocktails. This unique beverage can easily be mixed with all kinds of soft and hard drinks, opening a world of possibilities for imaginative cocktails. As the years have passed, Passoã has become an essential part of night life, spreading its Brazilian fever across the world!