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Scotch Whisky 12 Year Old

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old 70cl

As the original member of our current Core Range, Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old holds a special place in our hearts. First launched in 1979, the Bunnahabhain 12 year old has endured almost 40 years, thanks to the passion and dedication of our distillery team, not to mention the love and support from our fans and friends around the world.

Discover The Sound of Islay

Our story is one of a journey home. For nearly a century, the only way our precious whisky could reach the outside world was by the sea. Steamers, running day and night, in all weathers, through Islay’s fast-flowing sounds. Every mile they’d sail would be another further from home; the calm and peaceful haven of Bunnahabhain Bay.

We toast their journey today, the way they would have done then –with a depth of flavour only Islay’s smoothest single malt produces. A taste only possible from one unique home.

Scotch Whisky