Founded in 1912 by George Monin in Bourges, France, Monin is a family run company to this day. With Monin being sold in over 140 countries worldwide, it is known internationally for its quality and has lead to an expansion of four production facilities; two in Europe, one in the USA and the latest in Malaysia assuring that their range of over 140 products can reach their whole customer base.

Passionate about their products, Monin have branched out from gourmet syrups and also produce liqueurs, fruit sauces and smoothies, cocktail mixers and frappé powders, allowing them to suit the needs of their customers worldwide. Working alongside customers, Monin have developed their drinks menu and devise to create seasonal products, such as the Gingerbread syrup that is popular in winter or the Mojito which shines in summer.

Being known for their quality, Monin ensure every bottle is lasered with a Lot number, a traceable reference and also the name of the person who blended them. Proud of their work and their ability to meet customer needs, Monin is a brand that stands by its motto, "A passion for quality".