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Learn more about cordial

Whether you are after a traditional alcoholic cordial, or a sweet addition to mix with your favourite soft drink, you'll find something to enjoy from our wide selection.

The term cordial is  often used to describe any type of liqueur with a low alcohol, or medicinal content. It can also describe a liqueur that has been created by blending brandy with spices and herbs. A cordial is often very flavourful, has a low alcohol content, and is consumed after a meal. The reason for drinking a cordial once a meal has been finished is because the drink is a little sweeter, can work well in place of a sweet dessert, and also ties together the flavours of the entire meal. The term also describes a spirit that is sweet and has been infused with flavour. 

We also stock a range of non alcoholic cordials, perfect for adding to cocktails to boost flavour, or simply liven up your water.