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Learn more about prosecco

With a wide range of Prosecco, have the perfect drink for all occassions. Celebrate in style with brands such as Bottega, Sensei and Martini.

An Italian white wine made from Prosecco grapes; the name awarded to both the grape and the resulting wine. Interestingly, the grape variant is said to be one of the oldest of the Italian region. The flavour of Prosecco has been described as intensely aromatic and crisp, bringing to mind yellow apple, pear, white peach and apricot.

Prosecco can be known as a substitute for Champagne because of its slightly cheaper method of production. The difference lies in the complexity and robustness of the Champagne flavours, contrasted with the subtle and lighter flavours of Prosecco.

Nothing better than to put your feet up and drink cocktails after a hard day’s work… why not indulge in a Bellini cocktail; Prosecco is the main ingredient after all!