Chivas Regal

The history of Chivas Brothers can be traced back to a grocery store established in Aberdeen in 1801. As the business grew, Chivas Brothers quickly gained a reputation for supplying goods, provisions and malt whiskies of the highest quality to their customers.With the advent of grain whisky in the 1830s, James Chivas begins the tradition of laying down casks of fine Scotch whiskies in the shop's cellar for their aged blends.In recognition of the reputation and quality of their business, James Chivas and his business partner Charles Stewart are awarded the first of many Royal Warrants by Queen Victoria to supply goods and provisions to the Royal Household in 1843.

In the 1850's James and John Chivas pioneer the art of selecting and blending many aged malt and grain whiskies in the Chivas house style of smoothness, richness and harmony of flavours. These traditions were then passed down the generations, and are still carefully guarded today.The 1860 Spirits Act brought benefits to the Scotch whisky industry by permitting the blending of whiskies in warehouse. This confirmed the Art of Blending as an established technique and was the beginning of the great blended Scotch business we have today.

Chivas Regal 25 Year Old is launched in 1909 as the world's first luxury whisky. This exceptional 25-year-old blend is shipped to New York where it is enthusiastically received amongst the social elite of Manhattan. The fame of Chivas Regal 25 Year Old soon spreads across North America in this new era of exuberance. With the Prohibition a few years later, the Chivas 25 year old disappeared from the American market,. In 1938, Chivas was back in the USA, this time with the 12 year old.

In 1949, Chivas Regal 12 Year Old goes international and is supported by exceptional advertising campaigns in publications such as The New Yorker. Chivas starts to grow and within three decades becomes the global icon it still is today.

1997 saw the release of a new signature from Chivas, the 18 Year Old Gold; This super ultra-premium Scotch - deep, complex and exceptionally rich - is a unique blend crafted in the Chivas Regal house style. in 2001, Chivas was bought out by Pernod Ricard, though the taste and quailty has remained the same from the first day. 2007, nearly a century after Master Blender Charles Howard created the world's first luxury whisky, the limited-release Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Original Legend is re-created in the same Chivas traditions and style by Master Blender Colin Scott.

In 2012, the Chiavs Brother Blend was released, this is a modern  interpretation of the smooth blend that made the brothers James and John Chivas famous. Loved worldwide, Chivas are the leader in Blended Scotch to this day.