Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

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After the perfect winter warmer? Choose from our delicious range of mulled wines, perfect for the cold winter months.

Often enjoyed around Christmas and in the winter months, Mulled wine is traditionally made up of red wine, infused with a selection of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Enjoyed hot or warm, mulled wine is often made from a port or claret base, though it can be made in a non alcoholic form. With records going back as far as the 2nd century, when the Romans spiced and heated wine to consume it. The Romans travelled all across Europe, conquering much of it and trading with the rest. The legions brought wine and viticulture with them up to the Rhine and Danube rivers and to the Scottish border bringing their recipes with them.

The Germans and Austrians have a variant of mulled wine known as Glühwein.Glühwein is usually prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and at times vanilla pods. It is sometimes drunk mit Schuss (with a shot), which means that rum or some other liqueur has been added.