The history of the House of Rémy Martin is one of a family, the family of five generations of vintners and cognacs driven by the same ambition of exception capture the heart of the Cognac. Rémy set out to produce the finest cognac from the region in 1724 and succeeded in getting recognition from King Louis XV in 1738, when he was granted the exceptional right to plant more vines, despite the 1731 ban; thanks to the excellence of his cognacs.

1830 saw the creation of the first Rémy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac, increasing the popularity of the Martin brand. By 1870, the fifth generation of the family, Paul Emile Rémy Martin is now the head of the business. He adopts the mythical Centaur as the icon of the brand, and from that day on it has been featured on evert bottle of Rémy Martin. In 1898, Paul creates his prestigious Coupe Fine Champagne Cognac after being dazzled by the incredible smoothness and aromatic intensity of the eaux-de-vie that had been aged longer than recognisably required.

From 1910, Rémy Martin branched out, shipping produce to Russia, China and USA, global recognition was on the rise. In 1927, the first release of Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP was launched. Their success was simple, superior quality, making it a popular choice worldwide. 1948 saw a change for Rémy Martin Cognac, when the decision was made to blend 100% of its Cognacs from both Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne, bringing together a new layer to their already superior produce.

Today Rémy Martin still stand for excellence and superiority in the Cognac world. With rare and limited releases available, alongside the classic range, the is a Rémy Martin for all occasions.


The House of Remy Martin will forever be
intertwined with the lands of Charente where it
was founded in 1724.

It is in this small piece of French terroir that our
signature blend of Grande and Petite
Champagne crus was born, together forming
Cognac Fine Champagne.

Rémy Martin 1738
Accord Royal Cognac



Best enjoyed neat or on ice.
For an ultimate testing experience, compliment with parmesan cheese, bellows ham, dried fruits or dark chocolate on the side.


35ml Rémy Martin 1738
30ml Cointreau
15ml Lemon Juice


50ml Rémy Martin VSOP
125ml Tonic Water
Lemon wedge