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What is Absinthe?

Absinthe is a unique and intriguing spirit that has captured the attention of drinkers for centuries. This green-hued liquor is known for its strong, complex flavour profile and its reputation as a potent drink with a storied history.

Absinthe is made from a blend of herbs, including wormwood, anise, and fennel, which give it a distinctive licorice-like taste. There are several different types of absinthe available, including traditional green absinthe, as well as clear or "Blanche" absinthe, and red absinthe, which gets its color from the addition of hibiscus or other botanicals.

How to enjoy drinking Absinthe

When it comes to drinking absinthe, there are several ways to enjoy this spirit. One of the most traditional methods involves using a special absinthe spoon and glass, which allows you to slowly drip water over a sugar cube placed on the spoon and into the glass of absinthe. This process, known as "louching," causes the absinthe to turn cloudy as the water dilutes the alcohol and brings out its flavours.

Another popular way to enjoy absinthe is to mix it into cocktails, the spirit can add an interesting layer of complexity to classic drinks like the Sazerac or the Corpse Reviver #2.

Whether you're a long-time fan of absinthe or a newcomer to the world of this enigmatic spirit, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. So grab a bottle, a spoon, and a glass, and let the magic of absinthe transport you to another time and place.

Please drink Absinthe responsibly, as it is not recommended to drink a high dosage of the high-strength versions.