Havana Club

Cuba has earned the title "Isle of rum" due to a combination of the world famous sugar cane ( first introduced in 1493 by Christopher Columbus), its wonderful climate and the unique know how of Cuban "Maestro Roneros" (master rum-makers). With sailors, swashbucklers and the locals all using the sugar cane to produce fermented nectar and "tafia" which was an early type of rum, the legend was born.

Pedro Diago introduced copper stills in the 1800's and Cuban rum as we now it, was born. By placing the rum in the stills and burying them in the ground for an ageing process,  the latter half of the 1800's saw the birth of a lighter, more refined rum, known as "Ron Superior." Developed on the instructions of the Spanish Crown, a more delicate rum was produced to "please the the court and elite of the empire", making way for El Ron Superior, which led to more than 1000 distilleries in Cuba by the 1860's.

Havana Club is the leading producer of Cuban rum and continues to embody the heritage of its forefathers, keeping alive the unique know how of the Maestro Roneros and the art of añejamiento : the art of distilling, ageing and blending premium rums. Named after the heart of Cuba, Havana Club embodies the true Cuban spirit, culture and love of rum, making this a name that Cubans are proud of.