Grey Goose

When Cellar Master François Thibault announced he intended to use his considerable knowledge from making Cognac to produce a supreme vodka, people were sceptical. Today, Grey Goose is enjoyed world wide.

From field to bottle, every single step of Grey Goose Vodka is overseen by François himself. From selecting the finest ingredients, to designed a process that ensures all the natural characteristics of the ingredients are captured in the finial spirit, François Thibault ensures every part of the process is just so. 

Grey Goose is distilled only once, by using a continuous-column distillation process, assuring the quality of the finest wheat remains through to the end product.  Each batch of Grey Goose vodka undergoes more than 550 daily quality checks, including the most important ones - a personal tasting and approval by François himself.

Once approved, the vodka is bottled and receives the signature cork - the seal of quality. Grey Goose is available in a variety of flavours and also in the Grey Goose VX, a wonderful and carefully crafted vodka with a hint of Cognac.