Jacobs Creek Wine

The story begins in 1837; After spending four months as sea, Bavarian born Johann Gramp arrives at Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island. In 1839 a German mineralogist named Menge visits the Barossa Valley and discovers the lands potential for growing crops, the settlers moved in and began planting fruits.

William Jacob settles on the bank of a small creek in the Rowland Flats in 1840, and further on in time, this little creek would be renamed; Jacob's Creek. It is 1847, and Gramp is missing the taste of home and his belvoed Bavarian wine. Johann Gramp and his wife purchase 30 hectares along the banks of Jacob's Creek and plant the first Barossa commerical vineyard. By 1850, the first bottle of wine was made. in1877,Gustav Gramp, Johann's son, moves the cellars 2 kilometers down the road, to the site of the winery today. With an incorportaion of the business to become G Gramps & Sons in 1912, the familky legacy was in the making.

1947; a 100 years on from the first steps taken in Jacob's Creek wine, a mulberry tree was planted in commemoration. Gramp & sons revolutionised the style of Australian white table wines in 1953 by introducing new techniques and technology. In 1976, the Jacob's Creek brand was born. A release of the 1973 vintage blend of Shriaz and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Barossa Vlley and McLaren Vale, and a Malbec from Padthway were the first wines to be labelled "Jacob's Creek" and be released for general sale. IT remained an Australian scret until 1984, when the first bottles were shipped to the United Kingdom, leading the progress of Australian wineround the world.

Jacob's Creek is one of the most recognised Australin wines worldwide, all thanks to a Bavarian born gent who wanted that taste of home. With an extensive range of wines, from table to special reserves, Jacob's Creek are the perfect choice no matter the occasion.