VOSS Water is the vision and creation of two boyhood friends growing up in Oslo, Norway; Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem.

Though Norway is a small country, its pristine environment produces some of the best spring and artesian water sources on Earth, and most Norwegians see it as a national benefit to live off this pure tasting drinking water. Ole and Christopher knew instinctively that bottling pure Norwegian artesian water would be a big hit with discerning consumers around the world.

Bottled at an artesian source in pristine Southern Norway,  which produces a naturally pure water, low in minerals and incomparable in taste.

With its iconic design, and reuseable packaging VOSS is found on tables worldwide. Proud of it's ongoing commitments to the Voss foundation, with the  mission of providing access to pure, clean drinking water to communities is Sub-Saharan Africa.

VOSS is committed to the environment, and maintaining 100% carbon neutrality, through a set of comprehensive environmentally friendly measures. Tailored for different consumption occasions, VOSS is available in Still and Sparkling high grade PET and glass.