Dom Perignon

"One must have a visionary spirit and an exceptional sense of daring to embody true ambition" Dom Pierre Perignon.

In 1668, a young monk named Pierre Perignon takes office as the cellarer and procurator of the Benedictine abbey of Hautvillers, in the heart of Champagne. Under his watch, the abbey prospers, especially the vineyards. Until his death in 1715, he makes no exception in his ambitions to create "the best wine in the world", as he said himself in September 29th, 1694. Dom Pierre Perignon went on to invent, perfect and later pass on his enhanced techniques to create a wine whose reputation is still second to none.

The Dom Perignon Manifesto proclaims the principles that govern the concept and making of its exceptional champagnes, a singular vision of the creation of wine. A declaration of the aesthetic vision inherent in Dom Perignon since its origins, these strong, simple principles testify to Dom Perignon's commitments to creation and continue the visionary work of that young monk, Dom Pierre Perignon.

With some of the finest Vintage Champagnes in the world, Dom Perignon continues to strive to make " the best wine in the world", and we think they just might have achieved this.