Dom Pérignon Building

Dom Pérignon is a vibrant, living, perpetually renewed homage that evokes Dom Pierre Pérignon, the spiritual father of champagne. A miraculous triumph of blending and delicate fine-tuning that finds its misterious harmony by reinventing, in a totally unexpected way each time, the mingling of "white" and "black" grapes from the two classic Dom Perignon varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noit.

Dom Pérignon Richard Geoffroy

Today, Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave and Creator of Dom Perignon Vintages, perpetuates the spirit of Dom Pierre Perignon. "We must express our ideal, our singularity, striving always towards an absolute. It is a quest without end, where the inspiration keeps its mistery, for Dom Perignon to reinvent itself with each vintage". Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave.