Sandeman Fine White Port 75cl

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Sandeman white port is created from a blend of wines from the Douro valley. The wines used for the blend are aged between 3-5 years which keeps this ports floral flavour and aroma.

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Sandemand apitiv is created using only the finest hand picked grapes from the Douro Valley. The grapes undergo stalk removal and crushing before fermentation under a controlled temperature, with skin maceration so as to extract the best components. The addition of wine alcohol is added but only at the ideal moment, this is to set the balance between the wines body and bouquet.

The maturation phase occurs after the harvest when the wines will still remain in Douro valley until the following spring. However once spring hits, the wine is transferred to Sandeman’s centuries old lodges for ageing in oak wood casks. While the wines are ageing they are tested and tasted by the oenology team who make any necessary corrections to the final blend. The wines used for the final blend are usually aged between 2-5 years which makes it possible to obtain a fresh and young wine with and average age of 3 years. The final blend is filtered and cold stabilised prior to bottling.

On eye it is a pale, straw, yellow colour with a floral nutty aroma. On the palate you detect fresh flavours of sharp fruits all accompanied by a nice hint of natural sweetness.

Sandeman apitiv should be served chilled or as a long drink with a splash of tonic water, lemon and ice. It is also delicious with creamy sea food, cheese quiche’s or even ice cream with tropical fruits.

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Strength (ABV)19.5%
PresentationGLASS BOTTLE
Fortified Wine StylePORT
Gluten FreeNo
Limited EditionNo
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