Jack Daniel's Family Whiskey 3x 5cl Miniatures Gift Pack

Gift Pack (Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel, Old No. 7)
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This gift set contains three of Jack Daniel's most prized whiskies. The classic Old No.7, the refined Gentleman Jack and the elegant Single barrel. These three whiskies are the corner stone for the Jack Daniel's range and perfect for Jack Daniel's enthusiasts.

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This gift set contains the classic Jack Daniel's No.7, the refined Gentleman jack and the Elegant Single barrel. These three Jack Daniel's whiskeys are the rocks in Jack Daniel's Range.

The classic No.7 is one of the most popular whiskies in the world. The whiskey is filtered drop by drop through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal (known as the Lincoln County Process). The reason behind this is the distinct smoothness it generates making it a whiskey not bourbon. The water used is from a cave near the distillery that flows all year round at a rate of 800 gallons per minute at a constant temperature and is virtually iron free. These are the key ingredients and processes to make No.7 whiskey.

Gentleman Jack was one of Jack Daniel's later creations made in 1988. The difference between Gentleman Jack and the rest of the Jack Daniel's Whiskies is that it goes through the charcoal mellowing process not once but twice, giving it a more refined taste and worthy of being called a gentleman.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is made in exactly the same way as No.7, it even includes the same ingredients. So what make this whiskey so special, it does have a higher ABV of 45% and is 100% proof but that isn’t all. The main difference is where the barrel is placed in the barrels house, for single barrel whiskies, they are placed at the highest point in the barrel house. Here the summer temperatures can reach well over 100 degree Fahrenheit and in the winter they can easily drop below freezing levels. These extreme conditions can cause the whiskey to move in and out of the barrel dramatically, resulting in the intense maturation needed to develop the unique flavour of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

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Size3x 50ml
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BrandJack Daniels
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