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The Making Of Pere Magloire Calvados

History of Pere Magloire

In the early 19th century Gervais Magloire became an innkeeper in Cagny, a village located on the main road between Paris and Normandy. Besides the excellent food and the comfort of the inn, he also aged his own calvados. The high quality of his "eau-de-vie" became famous and soon became known as "le calvados du Père Magloire". During the 50 years he operated the inn, the reputation and renown of calvados Père Magloire grew beyond the borders of Normandy and spread all over France.

Père Magloire use both methods of distillation to create a distinctive range of styles, both AOC Calvados and the more specific AOC Calvados Pays d’Auge. Softer single distillation preserves the essence of apple flavours and aromas, giving to calvados the intense and strong taste of its origin. Double distillation of ciders, on the other hand, leads to the selection of the lightest aromatic esters, and produces spirits with floral notes and delicate aromas.

The unrivalled collection of medals awarded to the range in recent years is a testament to the skill with which the distiller and blender use these two styles to create sublime calvados.

Père Magloire is the sponsor of National Calvados Week, the annual celebration of the apple harvest in October. For details of how you can join in, visit .

Signature Drinks

The Applejack Cocktail Pere Magloire and Tonic Cocktail