Sierra Tequila are proud of their heritage.

They plant baby agaves in the highland fields of Jalisco, Mexico and each jimadore (the name of the men who tend to the fields) care for the agaves with their hands and hearts from the time they are planted to when they are harvested, which can be up to twelve years. They work the Sierra fields without the help of machines, which allows the plants to benefit from their natural environment in peace.

The jimador waits for the moment when the inner leaves of the agave are longer than the outer ones. That is the ideal time to harvest. The agaves are harvested individually by hand by the jimadores using a coa, which is a sharp harvesting knife. The heart of the agave is called the piña (or “pineapple”).

Agaves are cut up by axe at Destilería Sierra and then placed in large stainless-steel tubes (autoclaves) and cooked gently. After 16 to 24 hours, the steamed agaves are taken out of their cooking pots. After distilling, blanco tequila is placed into large steel tanks where it matures before being bottled as Sierra Tequila Silver, Sierra Antiguo Tequila Plata, or Sierra Milenario Tequila Blanco. The other types of tequila are stored in oak barrels for different periods of time, which refines their flavor to perfection.

There is one thing that all Destilería Sierra tequilas have in common, and that is the traditional care with which they are handled throughout the entire production process.