Glenmorangie Astar Whisky 70cl

2017 Release
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Glenmorangie Astar bottling is the incarnation of the much loved Artisan cask bottling. Named Astar because the oak travels 5000 miles from Missouri to make the casks. Bottled at cask strength so we suggest drinking it with a splash of water.

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The Glenmorangie Astar bottling is the second incarnation of the much loved Artisan cask bottling from several years ago. The name Astar means journey in Gaelic, and to create this whisky the materials have to travel a long way to the Glenmorangie distillery. Five thousand miles away in Missouri, there is a secluded hillside that grows oak trees perfect for the maturation of whisky. The oak trees experience a range of different conditions for freezing cold to boiling hot, all contributing to making to these oak trees being perfect for casks making and maturing whisky. Right next to the trees are towering mountain slopes that cover the trees keeping them secluded from the harshness of the real world.

The trees that will create the casks are hand selected and only the oak trees that grow slowly enough create a spongier and more porous wood. Perfect for welcoming the spirit and imparting the maximum amount of flavour.

The colour of the whisky is a bright gold and gives of a rich toffee and crème-brulee, drizzled with fresh menthol, warm cinnamon and deep aniseed spices. On the palate you detect crème-brulee again with a burst of mouth watering pineapple, poached pears and apricots with a hint of vanilla. The finish is smooth and long with a lingering flavour of honey and almonds with a mention of coconut and aniseed.

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Strength (ABV)52.5%
PresentationGIFT BOX
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