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Gentleman Jack was first created in 1988 and different to the other Jack Daniel's because it is filtered twice through the sugar maple charcoal to give it a more refined taste. It has a lighter amber colour but the finish is smooth warm and pleasant. The drink of a true Gentleman.

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Gentleman Jack was first produced in 1988, it was the first new whiskey that Jack Daniel's produced in over 100years. Gentleman Jack is a little different to the rest of the Jack Daniel's whiskeys. It still contains the same ingredients that the rest of the Jack Daniel's family do, the mixture of rye, grains or corn, barley and pure iron free water, but it is how it is made that is different. It has been filtered not once, but twice through the sugar maple charcoal filtration system. Giving it a more refined taste and worthy of the name gentleman. It is then stored in the same place as the rest of the normal NO.7 and left there to mature until the tasters say that it is ready. They do not put a time limit on it, they judge it simply but the first sip.

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Country Of OriginUnited States
Strength (ABV)40%
BrandJack Daniels
PresentationGlass Bottle
Limited EditionNo
Gluten FreeNo
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