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Monkey 47

Montgomery Collins was a Commander in the Royal Air Force in World War II. Following the war, Montgomery moved to the Black Forest after falling in love with Germany. A lover of animals, Collins was a visitor to Berlin Zoo, where he adopted a long tailed macaque, named Max. Collins went on to open a inn, which he named after Max " Gasthof zum wild monkeys". Collins worked closely with a local, producing a gin. Years after Collins died, renovations began on the old inn he owned and a crate was found, containing this gin, labelled "Max the Monkey - Black Forest Dry Gin". Alongside the gin was a rudimentary list of ingredients, which Alexander Stein and Christoph Keller replicated, and Monkey 47 was born. First distilled in 2008, the recipe contains a blend of 47 botanicals, including Virginia Creeper honeysuckle, the flowers of bee balm, orris root, jasmine, orange and of course, juniper. A heady blend, this gin varies in taste year to year, due to the botanicals used.  TMonkey 47 has gone on to win multiple awards since it's release, and is also available in a sloe gin. 

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