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Bulmer's was founded by H.P. "Percy" Bulmer in 1887. He left education early through illness, taught himself what he could and founded the greatest Cider Making company in the world today. You'll find his hard work rewarded with his name on every Bulmers bottle you drink. In 1888 the first factory was built in Ryelands Street, Hereford, and so began the cider journey. In 1889, Percy's brother, Fred joined the company, and they reloacted to a bigger premises. Fred graduated from Cambridge and had been offered to tutor the king of Siam's children. Little did he know that he could have starred in "The King and I", which features Anna, Fred's replacement. Work began and thier cider went into production. In 1903, Bulmer's provided their salesman with the latest motorbikes, allowing them to deliver the cider further than before.  In 1911, King George V recognised Bulmers' success and they were rewarded with the Royal Warrant, a title they hold to this day. Following the death of Percy in 1919,  Bulmers was being exported to Egypt, Indo-China, Malaawi, New Zealand and Argentina in 1933. Fred passed away in 1914, and Bulmer's continued to produce and sell their cider worldwide. With the changes in technology and improvement in equipment, production increased.  Today,Bulmers is one of the most popular selling brands of cider, and with their extensive flavour range, there is gurateed to be a cider to tickle your fancy.

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