Ardbeg Bottle

Ardbeg is the Ultimate Islay Single Malt, but just when you think you've arrived at the pinnacle of snigle malt whisky with a visit to Ardbeg Distillery, you discover there's just one last hill to climb. The hill up to Loch Uigeadail.

Totake that journey is to take a trip to a dark and mysterious place, the source of Ardbeg's power and the peat-laden water used to create all Ardbegs past, present and future. The magnetic power of Loch Uigeadail is perfectly demonstrated in the expression that bears its name: Ardbeg Uigeadail. Winner of World Whisky of the Year, golds, double golds and best in class golds, admired by the whisky cognoscenti, adored by smoky malt drinkers around the world; to take the journey to Ardbeg Uigeadail is to discover the Ultimate Ardbeg.

This Ultimate journey through Ardbeg takes us places where no other whisky has gone before, with expressions that are truly out of this world.