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Davna Bizon Bison Grass Vodka 50cl

Polish Bison Grass Vodka

500ml / 40%

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Davna Bizon vodka is created from a secret recipe aiming to re-capture the authentic old school flavour of Polish vodka. Bison grass is harvested, fused with pure grain vodka and left to mature until the aroma, colour and flavour are perfect.

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Davna Bizon vodka is a Polish grain vodka created to re-capture the authentic old school flavour of Polish vodka. The recipe for this new but old school vodka will remain a secret and captures the clean delicate taste of bison grass, which has been used to flavour Polish vodka for hundreds of years. Bison grass got its name because it is the grass of choice to hundreds of bison which roan the last primeval forest in Europe. Bison grass is most flavourful when it is picked at the height of the summer.

To extract the aromatic flavour in bison grass, it is harvested in full bloom then dried naturally. The dried grass is spread on screen and then gently heated and washed over with high strength alcohol for several days to extract the aromatic essence of the grass.

The Bison Grass Extract is then blended with the Polish pure grain vodka until the perfect colour, aroma and taste are achieved. The finished vodka is then matured for several days so that the flavours can mould together before it is filtered and bottled at 40% ABV.

Product Details

Size 500ml
Strength (ABV) 40%
Brand Davna
Presentation glass bottle
Country poland
Vodka Type flavoured
Flavour bison grass

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