Roberto Cavalli

The appeal, seduction and quintessence of pure femininity… Cavalli Vodka Is All This.

“I want to have fun whatever I do:Everything must bring me joy, enthusiasm, life...”
“I love the pureness of vodka, especially of my vodka:it is like water and fire coming together in a single element.”  Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is the first vodka entirely produced in Italy: inspired and dedicated to the sexy woman who is the iconic, eternal muse for Cavalli style. Roberto Cavalli has moved into this delicious premium vodka all the optimism and “ joie de vivre "for which he is renowned worldwide and which have always characterized his designer collections in the fashion world.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is made form the finest selection of wheat cultivated in the valleys where the South-Western Alps meet the Po. This soft type of wheat which, by using a higher content of type A starch, converts the sucrose into a very pure form and makes the distilled alcohol purer and smoother.The water used in the dilution process flows directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa and, with a low natural mineral content, gives the vodka an extraordinary quality. The alcohol is distilled carefully to give just the right flavour.

Available in the sleek classic and night editions of the original,Roberto Cavalli also produces a Rosemary Vokda,and Orange Vodka and has even tried his hand with red wine.