Moosehead (Moosehead Breweries Limited) is Canada's oldest independent brewery, located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The brewery was founded in 1867 by Susannah Oland in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is still operated by the Oland family, now in the sixth generation of ownership under Derek Oland. In 1865, Susannah Oland moved from England to Nova Scotia, Canada. With her husband John and nine other employees, Susannah opened The Army and Navy Brewery in 1867, a name that came after their most appreciative customers.[1] After John Oland's untimely death in 1870, the brewery changed its name to S. Oland, Sons and Co. Over the next eight years, the brewery faced two fires, but recovered after each. In 1886, Susannah Oland died, and the company went to her two sons, Conrad and George. With the approach of the 20th century, the company changed its name to the Maritime Brewing & Malting Co. It faced hard times once again when the Halifax Explosion of 1917 killed Conrad Oland and destroyed the brewery. A year later, George Oland and his sons moved to Halifax and bought another brewery. In 1928, George bought a second, larger brewery in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick, site of the present day facility. In 1931, the symbol of the moose came into existence as George launchedMoosehead Pale Ale. After the success of its Pale Ale, the Oland-owned brewery changed its name to Moosehead Breweries Ltd. in 1947. Thirty-one years later, in 1978, the brewery president Philip Oland expanded the brand and launched Moosehead Lager in the United States. In 1982, Derek Oland, former president of the company, expanded the company worldwide. Producers of a wide range of beer, Mooosehead gained celebrity status after Michael J Fox mentioned it was his favourite beer when he was a guest on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. Today, Moosehead is sold in its native canada, America and in various countries around the globe.

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