Grown in Clomel, Ireland, Magners starts with the soft Irish sunlight and gentle Tipperary rains, encouraging the 17 varieites of sweet, sharp and bitter apples to grow and flourish. These apples are harvested and become Magners Cider, a wonderful Irish cider full of character and a unique taste.  

Apples from Magners own orchards are taken to the Magners Cider mill,that has stood in Dowds Lane, CLonmel since 1935. The apples are squeezed, producing their wonderful cloudy juice is then transferred to vats, which replicates the same fermentation environment as their original oak vats, even down to the same yeast strains! The juice is gently fermented here for up to 4 weeks, with carefully controlled levels of the native yeast and natural microflora, to develop the rich and unique Magners Original flavour. After fermentation, Magners cider is repeatedly filtered to achieve a unique purity, before being matured in the dark for up to two years.After this maturation period, Magners is bottled and ready for consumption. 

Best served over ice, Magners have branched out to introduce various flavoured ciders, including their Irish Whiskey infused cider.