Lucky Buddha

Brewed and bottled at the Thousand Island Lake in China fusing the finest quality malt, hops, rice and water from this pristine region delivering an Asian style lager that is truly an enlightened brew. The “Laughing Buddha” depicted on Lucky Buddha beer is actually not THE Buddha and therefore not religious but cultural. He is incorporated in Buddhist, Taoist and Shinto traditions. The term buddha means “one who is awake”, connoting one who has awakened into enlightenment. The bespoke Lucky Buddha Beer bottle is a true original, featuring the seated laughing Buddha holding a large gold ingot above his head. This figure of Buddha is a symbol of wealth, happiness and life fulfilment. It’s all about the Lucky Buddha Experience; from the tactile, carved glass bottle, to the mood-lifting, gleeful Buddha grin, to the discovery of four good-luck symbols (for good fortune, happiness, longevity and prosperity) on the bottom of the bottle. A red, upright horseshoe on the back – perhaps the most well known and universally recognised symbol of good fortune – hugs the Lucky logo.

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