Kestrel lager was a hugely popular and successful brand in the 1980s and 1990s when it was supported with much-enjoyed advertising campaigns featuring the comedians and actors Hugh Laurie and Russ Abbot. In 2012 Nigel McNally, the MD of the then brand owner, decided to take the bold step of purchasing the Kestrel lager beer brand and setting up the Kestrel Brewing Company in order to nurture and develop it.

Under his stewardship the Kestrel brand has now returned to its Scottish roots and is being brewed at a state-of-the-art facility in Glasgow, adjacent to Glasgow Cathedral. Proud of its Scottish heritage which is bound up with the history of the brewery and its surroundings. The brewing credentials of Kestrel lager beer are also firmly Scottish, as all of the barley used in the brew recipe originates from local farms and the water is sourced from a nearby loch. This gives a consistency of beer quality every time, and also contributes to the economy of the local community.

Along with water from a natural source, the finest selected Zeus and Summit hops are combined with a very generous amount of malt (crushed not ground) and then fermented for a full 7 days, including the Sabbath, in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method. Our Master Brewer insists on fermenting these superb ingredients for this guaranteed period of time to deliver the tempting aroma, golden colour and rich, complex flavour that Kestrel drinkers have come to love.