Kentucky Vintage

Distilled by the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Kentucky Vintage is produced in Bardstown and aged for over a decade. 

The origins of Small Batch Bourbon can be traced back to the earliest days of Bourbon's long and colourful history. Like American Jazz, it is an original art form, unique to America.  It is an American classic in its own right.

Back in the early days of colonial America, 1779 to be exact, the "Corn Patch and Cabin Rights" law went into effect.  Similar to many other areas at the time, Kentucky was known as a Territory, and many of the early pioneers settling in the Kentucky Territory were growing corn as their main crop in order to validate the land claims that had been granted them, or, corn writs, as they were called.

To prevent spoilage to their grain crops, many of these early settlers milled their grain and distilled it into spirits.  They were, in effect, farmer-distillers out of necessity, to save their crops and their livelihoods. The area known as the Kentucky Territory soon boasted some two thousand of these farmer-distillers.  These earliest farmer-distillers were basically all Small Batch producers of limited ways and means. In contrast to those Small Batch Bourbons originated by the early pioneers settling in the Kentucky Territory over two centuries ago, the Small Batch Bourbons made today are specifically handcrafted and tailored to the most discriminating tastes and palates of sophisticated connoisseurs.

Connoisseurs of fine Bourbon recognize this and appreciate savouring these Small Batch Bourbons for their individual handcrafted originality, each unique and distinctive in its own way.