Ghost Vodka Silver Skull

Proudly made in Great Britain and emblazoned with a silver skull. Ghost Vodka is a premium vodka drenched in fruitiness. Made with British sugar beets, this wonderful drink is packed with flavour, making it ideal to enjoy with mixers or in cocktails.

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Ghost is an ultra-premium vodka like no other. Possessing the power of intrigue, controversy and dark charm.

Ghost Vodka is distilled in the UK using some of the world’s rarest and most unique machinery. From fermenting the British grown wheat to distilling the mash, filtering and bottling in house means the attention to detail is entirely thorough down to the most detailed of intricacies.

To create such a revered beast a 3-tower continuous column distillation machine, a master hand, a watchful eye over, a 16 hour process that condemns the heads and tails is required to achieve alcohol of the purest quality.

Purified and filtered water is then married with the alcohol to create an incredibly pure, smooth and refined vodka. Devilishly sophisticated and dangerously smooth Ghost puts the craft into crafty.

Offering a subtle but mouth-watering honeydew melon like hit leading to a buttery and silky final bow.

Works beautifully when mixed towards citrus or sweet flavours. For the connoisseur simply give it 20 minutes in the freezer to increase viscosity and enjoy or leave to aerate and add shredded basil to intensify aroma and character.