Dooleys Toffee

It all started in 1999 in a cosy cottage in Denmark where Rüdiger Behn and his wife were having holiday with very good Danish friends. While enjoying the beach, relaxing and chatting about their passion in creating unique spirit experiences, they started experimenting with some new flavour combinations..

Thinking about new inventions, trends and ideas they began testing some creative combinations of ingredients. Vodka as a cream base would be unique. But what about the flavor? Fruity – not unique, spicy – not tasty, chocolate – already invented. The solution came from the toffee candy on the table. They turned the little kitchen in the cottage into a laboratory and started blending. The result was an unforgettable taste.

A creamy, vodka based, toffee laced treat,enjoy Dooley's over ice, in cocktails and creamy drinks.