Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky was created on 20th March 1923 when the partners of wine & spirit merchants Berry Bros. discussed the launch of a new whisky. At the time, the popularity of Scotch Whisky was beginning to grow around the world and senior partner Francis Berry had a strong belief in the potential for a new style of whisky. He insisted that only the finest malt whiskies should be selected for the new blend and that the whisky should be naturally light in colour. The partners had invited James McBey, a well known Scottish artist to a luncheon that day to discuss the launch. It was he who suggested the name and designed the label for the new whisky. Exceptional care is taken throughout the production process as it was created by established wine & spirit merchants who believed in quality and innovation, it deliberately challenged existing standards. It has been a successful world class premium brand since launched. Craft, dedication and skill are evident in distilling, maturing and blending. There are no shortcuts to outstanding quality and genuine character. Cutty Sark was the first light coloured whisky of exceptional quality.

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