Black Cow

Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is the invention of dairy farmer, Jason Barber. Jason owns a dairy herd in West Dorset, and with a passion for both dairy and vodka, began to look into ways to use the whey from his cheese production, to produce creamy, smooth vodka.

The milk is firstly seperated into curd and whey, of which the curd is use to make thier wonderful cheese. The whey is then fermented into beer using a special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol. Once distilled, this milk beer is then treated using Jason's secret blending process, creating the vodka. The resulting vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being lovingly bottled by hand.

Smooth, creamy and truly unique, Black Cow pure milk vodka is one of the most remarkable vodkas on the market and loved by all who try it.