Balkan 176° is a unique vodka and does it different. We recognise that it isn’t for everyone. What you see is what you get... pure, very very strong vodka from the Balkans, with just a little de-ionised water added to the pure distillate to bring it down from an explosive 94% vol. to a very strong 88% vol (176º US proof). The very simple black & white label on a plain round clear bottle underlines that what’s inside is all that matters. Balkan 176° is distilled in small batches in the Balkans and will always be expensive and rather hard to find. It is entirely produced from the finest cereals which may be sourced from different areas, depending on the quality of the annual harvest... sometimes from Bulgarian wheat, & sometimes from Serbia, and perhaps next year from the Moldovan plains. Balkan stands quite alone... simple and understated in its austerity, awaiting discovery by a select and very discerning few.