Balblair Distillery is established in 1790 by local man, John Ross, although the first known records date from 1749.

John Ross is joined by his son, Andrew, and thereafter the sons and grandsons of John Ross operated the Balblair farm and distillery until the last years of the 19th century.  In 1894, James Ross gives up the tenancy of Balblair which is transferred to Alexander Cowan, an Inverness wine merchant. Cowan brings Balblair into the 20th Century by building the present offices, still house, mash house, kiln and barns. Balblair produced whisky up til 1932, when the distillery dried up, just in time for the War.

In 1949, production of whisky started up again, and in 1964 Balblair Distillery expanded, with extra warehouses and the first steam boiler. Over the years, Balblair changed hands, and in 2007, the first vintage whisky was released.

Today, Balblair have an extensive range of vintage and collectible releases, making them a popular choice in today's market.