Discover the tradition and identity of the rum culture in the Canary Islands

Artemi Honey Rum

Typical product from the Canary Islands due to its origin and rum tradition. Once the rum is processed with distilled juices and eau-de-vies from different origins and sugar, honey and natural aromatic extracts are added by following the traditional manufacturing process, the rum is homogenized and filtered until achieving a exquisite combination of flavour and aroma. This rum can be tasted in any season of the year. Excellent to serve cold or with ices cubes.

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Artemi is a traditional rum that stems from a culture going back to the 1500 and is now a 100% Canary island rum founded in 1940's. Nowadays Artemi is one of the main producers of rum in the Canary Islands, with all the experience supplied by over seventy years of devotion to the production of rums and liquors.

At present, Artemi has 40 different product in the market including rums, vodkas and liqueurs. Well known in Spain for it's Artemi Honey Rum, Caramel Vodka, Carta Oro, Carta Blanca, and Seven Years rum. The Artemi name stems from a real person on their conquest of the Canary Islands. By means of his name, Artemi, he who supplies the rum the values of an idiosyncrasy of the season : honour, fight, force and tradition.

The canary rum is considered to be one of the best liquors in the world. Speak of rum and its origin involves naming the Canary Islands, which was used to send sugar from ancient India to the Caribbean countries. This was the root and tradition of the rum in the islands. Artemi Keeps the traditions, secrets and culture of it's rum alive today.

The key to creating this award winning rum is the aging process. After distillation, the rum is transported to the cellar where it is aged in large American oak barrels, and laid to rest from 1 to 15 years.Throughout it's lifetime the Artemi brand has achieved many awards including 5 'International Quality of Alcoholic Drinks Awards' in 1985 to the 'honey-rum cream' award awarded by the industry foment Spanish Institute, achieving the 'Excellent Product' distinction in recognition of the quality of cream in its honey rum. All things considered, the craftsman secrets of Artemi products and their quality constitute to one of the most identifiable traditions and values in the Canary Islands.