Amarula is a cream liqueur made from the unique blend of marula fruit spirit and stabilised cream. Unlike any other cream liqueur, Amarula is not made from a whisky or brandy base but a fruit spirit base. Marula are the fruit of the marula tree which grows wild on the plains of sub-equatorial Africa - the fruit being made up of three key elements: skin, flesh and nut. Local people harvest the fruit (providing an important source of income), and the flesh and skin are fermented into a marula wine prior to distillation into marula spirit. Following maturation for 3 years in oak casks the marula spirit is then married with fresh cream to give Amarula its delicious taste. Amarula's marula fruit spirit base not only makes it a great tasting cream liqueur but smoother, lighter and therefore more versatile than other cream liqueurs. Because of its genuine African heritage, Amarula is more exotic than other cream liqueur brands. Deliciously smooth every sip is pure pleasure.