Aftershock was created in 1997 in Canada by the Jim Beam group. It is a flavoured liqueur shot that comes in 5 varieties, Red cinnamon, Blue cool citrus, Black spiced berries, Orange fizzy orange and Silver which is a combination of apples and red bull. The drink was first aimed at more experienced drinks but when the younger market expressed their love for the liqueur, Aftershock changed the AVB to 30% for the Red, Blue and Orange to make it more appealing for the younger market.
it is a brilliant drink to enjoy on a night out and there are many different theories as to how you drink a shot of Aftershock.
There is a myth that surrounds Aftershock, it is said that the drink crystallizes in your stomach until the next morning and then reverts back to its liquid form in the morning releasing a second wave of alcohol into the blood stream. Although this may sound cool and different it is not true in the slightest.