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Beefeater London dry gin was made by James Burrough in 1863. It is made up of nine different botanicals each bringing a different taste and aroma to mix which helped it win double gold at the San Francisco world spirit championship.

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The London Distillery in Chelsea is taken over by the Taylor family. This is the birth place for beefeater gin. In 1863 James Burrough, founder of beef eater gin bought the Chelsea Distillery from the Taylor family for £400. In 1876-79 James experiments with gins and creates Beefeater, named after the beef eaters in the tower of London. Production of beefeater then moves to the Hutton road distillery in Lambeth. Due to beefeater becoming even more popular, production moves to Kentington, which is still its home now. Increasing in popularity, every 4 bottles of gin exported to the USA, 3 of them were Beefeater Gin. In 2005 Beefeater gin is purchased by Pernod Ricard and they invest in it to bring it back as London's favourite Gin.

To Create Beefeater it takes 9 botanicals brought from all over the world. Juniper berries are the most important ingredient so they are imported from Italy, Serbia and Macedonia. The Seville orange peel is very recognisable in the gin giving it a burst of citrus. Bitter almonds are added to bring a hint of marzipan to the mix. Orris rout is used for its floral aroma, it binds all the other botanicals together to create an exuberating aroma. Coriander seeds from Romania are added to give a spice and of course a big gust of freshness. Angelica root adds a dry texture to the mix, with a woody spicy note too. Liquorish adds a woody bittersweet flavour which is critical to bring out the spicy mellow flavour. Angelica seeds are added to bring a hop-like note to the gin, which is complemented by the lemon peel from Sicily to add a strong citrus flavour. These 9 botanicals are used to create Beefeater gin but they don't tell the amount so you can't re-create your own.

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Country Of OriginUnited Kingdom
Strength (ABV)40%
BrandBeefeater Gin
PresentationGlass Bottle
Gluten FreeNo
Limited EditionNo
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