El Dorado Rum

El Dorado is the name of "The Golden One."

Many years ago legends of a  City of Gold which was ruled by a gilded king, lured early explorers across rough seas to the aincent heart of Old Guiana. Sadly, this was not the case, but El Dorado is a true golden beauty. 

Today you can discover the true gold of Guyana, El Dorado Rum; a range of superb Demerara rums of unequalled quality and variety which have consistently won the highest International awards. Their unique flavour and taste is much due to the tropical climate of this lush country of Guyana - which translates from its Amerindian name “Land of many waters” - and the three centuries of rum production along the banks of the Demerara river.

With their range featuring wonderfully aged rums, El Dorado Demerara rums and a taste of golden beauty.