Chase Distillery

Chase Distillery was born after a trip to America by William Chase himself. Famed for their Tyrells crisps, Chase stumbled upon a mall distillery making potato vodka and thought this would be a great new chapter to life. Uon his return, William looked into the market and decided to grow potatoes just for the making of Vodka. In 2008, the first batch was picked and using a specially made still, the first distillation of vodka produced just 1000 litres from a whopping 16 toones of potatoes. Chase Vodka was born. 

A premium potato vodka was just the first step. Chase went on to produce a sublime vodka from their apple orchard, an array of potato based vodkas and an array of fruit liqueurs. 

Born from the apple vodka, came Williams Gin. Unlike most other gins, where a neutral grain spirit is simply redistilled, Chase pressed their organically grown cider apples from the family farm; fermenting them into cider, then distilling into the famous Naked Chase. They then re-distil their Naked Chase with eleven carefully considered wild botanicals and naturally pure water taken from the aquifer running underneath their wonderful cider apple orchards.

Whether you are a vodka or gin fan, Chase are the brand to opt for. Enjoy a quintessential taste of England in a glass.