Bitter Truth

Bitter Truths have been making an array of Bitters since 2006.

Originally, cocktail bitters were the ingredient that distinguished cocktails from other categories of beverages such as Toddies, Slings, Fizzes, Sours or Punches. For decades, they were an essential component of good cocktail creations. The start of prohibition curtailed consumers’ drinking habits and cocktail bitters almost sank into oblivion. Only a few brands survived that period, but even after that, not all of them managed to reestablish themselves in the new market. Angostura Bitters alone held their ground.

In August 2006, the first products from The Bitter Truth were released: an Orange Bitters and an Old Time Aromatic Bitters. Shortly after that, a Lemon Bitters was released. Since then additional flavors have been added to the range: Jerry Thomas BittersCreole BittersCelery BittersGrapefruit BittersChocolate Bitters,Tonic Bitters, Peach Bitters and Cucumber Bitters. In addition, The Bitter Truth has released a range of fine liqueurs & flavoured spirits such as Apricot LiqueurViolet LiqueurElderflower Liqueur and Golden Falernum.