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The name "Whisky/Whiskey" is derived from the anglicisation of the Classical Gaelic word uisce/uisge meaning "water" (now written as uisce in Irish Gaelic, and uisge in Scottish Gaelic). Distilled alcohol was originally known in Latin as aqua vitae ("water of life"). This was translated to Classical Gaelic as Irish uisce beatha Scottish Gaelic: uisge beatha "water of life". Early forms of the word in English included uskebeaghe (1581), usquebaugh (1610), usquebath (1621), usquebae (1715).

The spelling whiskey is often used on Irish and American produced whiskies, whilst all that is produced in Scotland and other places around the world, use whisky. Since the 1960s, American writers have increasingly used whiskey as the accepted spelling for aged grain spirits made in the US and whisky for aged grain spirits made outside the US. However, some prominent American brands, such as George Dickel, Maker's Mark, and Old Forester (all made by different companies), use the 'whisky' spelling on their labels

Fact: Whisky does not mature in the bottle, once bottled the older it gets the taste does not alter. However, the cost value can alter, because it becomes a rarity. The age on the bottle is the amount of time it has spent in a cask between the process of distillation and bottling. It is the cask that influences the taste and chemical make-up of the whisky.